Aqua-Sana Water Filters make use of Sustainable Technology aimed to reduce the costs, promote an Eco-Friendly Behaviour and offer you a Healthy Life.





Green Filter System

This treatment ensures that the mains water meets national drinking water regulations. The main method used to treat water before it is added to the mains is to disinfect it with a controlled dose of chlorine. Chlorination is a very effective way of killing bacteria in water — however, many people dislike the taste. There are many companies providing means of filtering the water at “point of use” (POU) to improve its taste. These nominally take the form of disposable plastic housings containing a filter media — at regular intervals (usually every 6 months), the consumer must discard the filter and replace it with a new cartridge.

The main disadvantage of traditional filtration systems is the environmental impact of disposing of a plastic filter — 6 million plastic filters are thrown away every year. This results in over 1,000 tonnes of plastic being sent to landfill (plastic is non—biodegradable). Manufacture of these housings consumes more than l million units of electricity.

The Aqua-Sana Green Filter is  a re—usable system. The only part that needs to be discarded is the biodegradable filter media — all of the other parts can be reused over and over again. This results in the main benefit:

  • Minimal environmental impact 

Green Galaxy


The galaxi’s unique filter design combines activated carbon with a cellulose-free synthetic fiber matrix; it performs as a sediment filter and a carbon block in a single cartridge. Superior to traditional active carbon filter elements, the galaxi takes water filtration to the next level. Its solid block carbon selectively removes dangerous contaminants from drinking water while maintaining water pH balance. And it filters twice as much as a typical filter, resulting in less filter changes.

  • Reduces chlorine and particles in accordance with ANSI/NSF STD 42
  • Reduces cysts and lead in accordance with ANSI/NSF STD 53
  • Additional phosphate beads Inhibits scale for hard water and hot water applications No carbon fines are released into the water stream