Established in 2007, Aqua-Sana is one of the most significant supplier in the Spanish Water Treatment Industry, providing Sustainable and Effective Solutions.

Waterfilter Systems, Ionizers, Water Descalers and Water Coolers are our speciality. Our entire Product Selection meets the International Quality Standards for the Water Industry: our Technology is NSF Certified, Aqua-Sana is the official member of EDWCA – The Largest Drinking Water Association in Europe and it is affiliated to Aqua Espana. Also, our company is ISO9001 certified. 

Your Health, Comfort and Convenience are the drivers of our business. This is why, we aim to provide you with high quality products delivered in short time and full services in Selling, Renting, Installing and Maintaing Water Filters, Cooling Systems and Descalers directly connected to Main Water Supply.

The latest development Aqua-Sana is offering is the Air-To-Water Machines which make from the humidity the purest water on the planet. All our water treatments are made without adding chemicals.