Sustainable Boiling-Water Taps


We provide you with Sustainable Boiling-Water Taps which will help you save energy, water & money. Now mix and match in order to customize the tap system that meets your wants & needs. 

Aqua-Sana Sustainable Water Solutions

Our Drinking Water Filter Systems provide your home with High-Quality Solutions at good prices. With our Water Technology Systems, we aim to offer you and your family convenience, comfort and a healthy environment. In other words, you will save energy, money and take an eco-friendly approach by choosing Aqua-Sana Products instead of bottled water.

More important for your home would be the ScaleWatcher Technology provided by us. Highly environmental conscious, this type of technology aims to protect all the Home Water Equipment from the Hard Scale Settlement. Your Coffee Maker, Boiler, Water Taps in kitchen and bathroom will be protected from the Hard Water Issues. 

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