Scalewatchers for Commercial applications

Model TRP for automobiles, buses and trucks

In tropical countries, usually anti freeze or anti corrosion liquids are not mixed with the water for the radiator of automobiles, buses or trucks.

The result is that often after one year the radiator has to be replaced because of corrosion and/or scaling. What is more, scaling causes a lower heat transfer. The engine will have a higher temperature and the truck will have to stop sooner for cooling down before being able to continue the trip. The installation of this special unit for trucks or buses will save money on replacement of parts and inefficient down time along the road.

A wide range of DC voltages from 12 V DC to 48 V DC can be supplied to the unit. Ingress protection: NEMA3/IP55

The enclosure is made of a strong thermo plastic material and is small enough to be installed anywhere near the engine or even in the driver’s cabin.