KARISMA – Multi-Drink Dispenser


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Quality in the cup

  • Quality in the cup
  • Cutting edge technology together with the heritage of Italian espresso, taste and culture
  • The best of coffee drinks using coffee beans, fresh milk, and soluble products
    Creation of a personally customized coffee menu, a taste feast which satisfies the most demanding palates 






User-friendly interface

  • Interactive, capacitive and latest generation 7” touch screen
  • Easy to use by staff or in self-service mode
  • Flexible menu options: from 9 to 12 selection icons on each screenshot 








  • Dispensing up to 200 cups/hour – consistently perfect
  • Offering a rapid and optimal service, especially at peak hours, ensuring a professional drink quality
  • Equipped with an innovative, performing milk pump which guarantees speed and reliability of doses